Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your answer here, submit your question and we will get back to you shortly!

What states are your maps available in?

Aero Atlas mapping products are created and produced by Aero Surveys of GA, Inc. and are only available in and for the state of Georgia. However, arterial wall maps are available for some portions of adjacent, border states.

Do you map the entire state of Georgia?

We produce arterial (major roads only) maps for the entire State of Georgia or any portion needed. However, our detailed (ALL roads, shopping centers, schools, parks etc...) maps are available for a 45 county area of northern Georgia only. *Please see our coverage area maps under our product pages.*

Can you overlay or plot my data on your map?

Yes, this can be done on both wall maps and map files. We can plot customers or competitors with icons and draw, shade, number and/or color zones, you-name-it.

What types of custom maps can you make?

Too many to name but here's a few (you can also take a look in our map gallery or call us): political maps, storm track maps, flood zone maps, FMLS (real estate) zone maps, land parcel maps, topo maps, building footprint maps, and radius mileage maps. We can also produce a custom legend to display on your map, as well as, a company logo and map title.

How will I know that I am getting the custom map that I want?

On all custom map orders, we will personally speak with you on the phone in order to get a clear picture of exactly what you need (area, size, coloring, display options, customization). We will email you samples of your map with all your map specs displayed and at the scale/legibility of your map. Upon ordering your map, you will receive a detailed written quote with all your map specs and will know exactly what the end result will include and look like.

Do you have a map store?

After 25+ years in the same Marietta location, we closed our storefront in 2013. As a small, family owned and operated company, we made a business decision to continue operations out of a home based office. We can email you pictures of maps, scale/legibility samples and are here to answer your calls and questions.

How can I purchase maps?

You can order maps anytime through our website or call us during business hours to place your order. It would be our pleasure to speak with you to go over any custom mapping needs.

Where do I find subdivision names?

Subdivision names can be displayed on wall maps and custom map files (if the map scale allows). You can also search by subdivision name in our software and bring up all streets in a specific subdivision. In addition, our custom index files (Word and Excel) include subdivision names linked to each street. Though every subdivision street is named and displayed in our map books, the actual subdivision name itself does not appear in the map book nor in the map book index.

What is the turnaround time on map orders?

Software is emailed within (1) business day. Map book turnaround is (1) to (2) days within Georgia. Map books usually ship the same day if ordered by 1 pm Monday through Friday. Wall maps, excluding custom wall map orders, typically ship within (2) business days.

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