The information contained in these publications has been carefully compiled, edited and presented in such a manner as to insure its accuracy and completeness. However, we cannot guarantee perfection. In a project of this size and complexity, some errors are unavoidable. For this reason we do not assume responsibility for errors or omissions. We do encourage that any errors or omissions noted be brought to our attention as this information is in a continuous state of being updated for future revisions. These products do contain artistically designed information created by Aero Surveys of Georgia and protected by U.S. copyright laws.

Return Policy

AERO ATLAS® MAP BOOKS - There are no returns or exchanges on Aero Atlas® map books. In the infrequent event of product defect, we will gladly replace the map(s) at no cost to the customer.

WALL MAPS - There are no returns or exchanges on wall maps. Since every wall map is made at the time of order and per the customer’s specifications, all orders are final.

VIEWER SOFTWARE - There are no returns or exchanges on Aero Atlas® Viewer software. A free downloadable demo of the software is available through our website before purchasing the product.

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