Software Hints

This is a short list of hints to make your use of our software more efficient! Click the title to see the hint.

Software Compatibility

The Aero Atlas Viewer is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Trial Version of the Aero Atlas Viewer Software

We have a fully functional 14 day trial version of the software available under the "Software" Tab above. The demo is the 2014 version of the Metro Atlanta coverage area not the current release. There is NO obligation to purchase the software after the 14 day trial period. We recommend trying the software prior to purchase. The software and data is sold as a no return item.

Software and Data Delivery

You will receive the Aero Atlas Viewer software and/or the map data coverage files via the "Hightail large file transfer site." The number of links (files) will vary between 1 and 7 links. One file will be the installation instructions for the software and map data.

Downloading Software and Map Data

The links will consist of data coverage areas and “if ordered” the Viewer program (Aero_Viewer_Program_setup.exe).
*Click Download Files to open up your web browser in order to download purchased files.
*You can choose to “Download all” which will create a compressed “” file that will download to your “Download Directory” or you may choose to download each file individually which will leave the file in its original format under your “Download Directory.”

Common Installation Errors

Installing map data prior to installing software.
- The Viewer Software application MUST be installed FIRST, prior to the map data area(s) and does not require an activation code.
Installing an updated map data coverage area prior to uninstalling the older version of the map data.
-An older version of the map data must be uninstalled prior to installation of a newer, updated version of the same coverage area data. (Ex. 2015 Northwest Map Data must be uninstalled before installing 2018 Northwest Map Data.)

Security Warning

Depending on the security level of your computer, you may be warned that “this is not a commonly installed program" and "unable to be verified”. We are small company and not recognized by Microsoft, but the program is safe. Please continue installation by clicking "Proceed Anyway."

Data Coverage Area Activation

*The application will install all files necessary into a default directory that are required to install the program. This application will create a desktop icon that can be used for re-installation of the software. This icon will be named (Coverage Area_ WEB_INSTALL_EXE). This icon is to be used for re-installation of data coverage only, not to run the actual Viewer Software. Each file is approximately 500 MG.
*The web install application will proceed directly into the data coverage install. You will be prompted for the Installation Code that was supplied on this or a separate email. The code is also present on the invoice.
*You then will be prompted for an email and password which will be used if transferring licenses in the future.
*Once the code has been accepted, a dialog box will appear with three steps to complete installation.

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