Wall Map Hints

This is a short list of hints to make your use of our wall maps more efficient! Click the title to see the hint.

Tips for using dry erase markers for writing on and erasing off your laminated wall map:

DRY ERASE MARKERS can be used to write on your laminated wall map. Use rubbing alcohol to remove markings. Do NOT use the spray that comes with your dry erase markers to remove markings.

Tips for using grease pencils for writing on and erasing off your laminated wall map:

GREASE PENCILS can be used to write on your laminated wall map. Use an oil-based product like WD-40, furniture polish, stainless steel cleaner etc... to remove markings.

Tips for framing your laminated wall map:

Framing is inexpensive if you do it yourself. Purchase 4 pieces of pre-cut (45 degree angle) and pre-measured window or molding trim to fit your map from your local building supply store. Paint the trim the color you desire for your frame. Using a heavy duty stapler, staple your laminated map to the wall in the white border area around the perimeter of your wall map. Secure your wood frame around your wall map using a finishing nail gun. Be sure to place the frame over the staples in the white border area. Glass is not needed in framing your laminated wall map since the lamination is both UV rated to prevent fading and has a matte finish to prevent glare.

Benefits of using custom index files with your wall map:

We supply both WORD and EXCEL files when you purchase a custom index with your wall map. The custom index covers all area and map data within your specific wall map and includes all street and geographic information with corresponding Aero map page and grid coordinates. Benefits include: 1.) Quick identification of streets and geographical data on your wall map using our map book page and grid coordinates as the locating reference. (Ex. p. 802-B5) 2.) Ability to sort streets by subdivision name 3.) Ability to sort by specific geographic category like zip codes, schools, parks, shopping centers etc..

Tips for defining your wall map area:

Use whatever geographic info most specifically defines the exact map area that you need. Examples are: a list of zip codes, a county list (if entire counties - not partial counties - are needed), furthest points N, S, E and W - defined by intersecting streets, cities, subdivision names etc...

Paper Wall Maps vs. Laminated Wall Maps:

PAPER wall maps are printed on medium weight computer paper with ink that is not UV rated. Paper wall maps will tear and fade. They are cost effective for short term projects in situations where they will be used for a very limited time and discarded. LAMINATED wall maps are recommended since they will last for years, even decades. You can write on and erase off the lamination. The lamination we use is a matte finish to prevent glare, and your laminated wall map will NOT tear or fade.

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